Mahindra makes half a million cars per year. With a goal of making the commute from point A to B, smoother, Mahindra introduced their first UTE. With a desire to keep identifying ways to enhance the automotive experience, Mahindra moved onto electric vehicles, pickups, luxury SUVs and commercial vehicles. Today, Mahindra UTE and SUVs are preferred for delivering on durability, reliability, environment-friendliness, and fuel-efficiency.


“Mahindra's well-equipped SUVs and 4x4's are fit for Kiwi lifestyles. Loved by farmers for the tough jobs and enjoyed by city explorers alike.”

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The XUV500 is a pioneer, even in design. Walk around the vehicle and you’ll discover how every single element has been masterfully sculpted. A chiseled, aerodynamically designed body that ruthlessly cuts through the air to provide limitless exhilaration. Racing-inspired twin exhausts. Even uniquely designed tail lamps that look worthy of being followed. Clearly, the only thing lacking in design is a compromise.

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Mahindra range


The Mahindra Pik-Up goes hard on every terrain, it’s built using super strong components. The Pik-Up offers great ground clearance, a robust chassis, and can carry the load when required. Standard features include ABS, EBD, Dual airbags, Crash protection crumple and Hill hold. W10 model features include navigation, reverse camera, auto climate control, 16″ alloy wheels and cruise control.

Why choose Mahindra?

Design driven by innovation

Mahindra SUV and UTE ranges are thoughtfully designed, with performance features and comfort at the forefront.

XUV Engine

Peace of mind

All brand-new Mahindra’s come equipped with the manufacturer’s standard warranty offer. The Mahindra Warranty includes 36 months or 100,000 kms (whichever comes first) of limited vehicle coverage.

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Specialists in automotive manufacturing

Mahindra is a US$20.7 billion multinational, with a presence in more than 100 countries. Mahindra has solid commercial backing and have positioned themselves as a market leader in automotive technology and innovation.

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Our design philosophy

Mahindra SUVs are designed with inspired luxury in mind. Comfort and reliable performance are core to the UTE range.


Affordable Lifestyle

Mahindra offers affordably priced SUV and UTE vehicles, without compromising on detail, performance technology and interior features.

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The Future of Automotive Technology

We challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use our resources to drive positive change in the lives of our customers. We made commuting smoother and sustainable. Then we asked – how do we make it more efficient, accessible, and economical? The auto industry is undergoing major disruptions. We're focussed on being at the forefront of these changes to help and improve our customers lives.

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