What does an AA Preferred Dealer offer?

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At Keppler, we take immense pride in being recognized as an AA Preferred Dealer in Hamilton. But what exactly does being an AA Preferred Dealer mean for you?


AA Preferred Dealership: Your Confidence Enabler

AA Preferred Dealers are synonymous with trust and confidence. When you choose to buy from us, you're not merely acquiring a car; you're gaining peace of mind that the AA has been involved in every step of the journey.

This commitment begins with an AA Odometer Verification, ensuring the accuracy of the vehicle's mileage through meticulous examination of service records, history, and overall condition.

This stamp of approval stands as a testament to our dedication to transparency and accuracy.

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Safety at the Core: AA Entry Compliance / Safety Certified

When a vehicle is imported into New Zealand, it undergoes an AA Entry Compliance Inspection, a comprehensive assessment that exceeds standard warrant of fitness (WOF) requirements.

This inspection delves into manufacturing standards, structural components, and braking systems, ensuring each vehicle adheres to the high-quality standards set by NZAA and NZTA. Our vehicles don't just meet requirements – they exceed them.


Quality in Every Detail: AA Appraised Used Cars

The essence of AA Preferred Dealership is embodied by AA Appraised Used Cars. Each of these vehicles has undergone a rigorous 43-point mechanical check, evaluating both mechanical performance and safety aspects.

This thorough inspection offers an encompassing overview of the vehicle's condition, allowing you to drive with confidence. The AA Appraisal sticker, proudly displayed on the windshield, is more than a symbol – it's an assurance that you're choosing a car that has met the high standards set by the AA.

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