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Fieldays® 2021

MYSTERY CREEK, WAIKATO   /   June 16th - 19th 2021


We're thrilled to be part of Fieldays® 2021! Find a familiar Keppler face in the GWM & HAVAL sites

Wrap up and head down to see the latest newly launched vehicles on display from GWM & HAVAL. 
Whether you're looking to upgrade your current vehicle or learn more about the latest release of industry disrupting vehicles, come and have a chat to a Keppler team member at Fieldays® this year! 

New vehicles at Fieldays®

haval h6 premium white

The H6

It's the previously loved HAVAL H6, but all-new.
Explore the next generation of H6 and all its luxury features at Fieldays®

Canon Great Wall EDIT

The Cannon

Winner of the NZ Autocar Ute Of The Year 2020 award, you'll be able to view GWM's epic ute, The Cannon in person at Fieldays®

haval jolion image

The Jolion

We just launched this brand-new high spec HAVAL SUV model and it will be available to view and explore at Fieldays®

Find the Keppler Team

GWM & HAVAL Sites 150, 151 & 152 (Automotive Precinct)

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